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Paying more

You may be able to pay more into the Scheme to increase your benefits when you retire.

The AVC guide explains all you need to know about paying more. You can download this guide by clicking on the image below:

For more information about paying more into your pension, or for queries about your existing AVCs, please contact UK Pensions Operations.

Please be aware that for members with Money Purchase AVCs there are risks associated with some of the retirement options available. More information is available in the document at the bottom of this page entitled: Pensions Risk - April 2016. 

If you pay into AVCs, you are advised to read this document carefully before making any retirement decisions concerning your MPAVCs.

If you wish to commence additional contributions, please complete the AVC application form below.  If you are currently paying AVCs and wish to switch your fund options, please complete the appropriate option form below depending on whether you are an Active member of the Scheme, or Deferred.

Once completed, please return your form to UK Pensions Operations .

AVC application formSwitch form for ActivesSwitch form for Deferreds



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