My deferred pension - an overview

An overview of your options can be found in the leaflet 'Notes for Leavers' below.

Deferred pensions

If you're entitled to a deferred pension it will be calculated at your date of leaving, based on your Pensionable Service and Pensionable Salary at that time.

You can view details of your current deferred pension online, including the current value of your deferred pension, the current value of your dependant's pension, and the earliest date your pension is payable from. Deferred pensions are currently increased annually in April each year.

Please click here to register with My Online Pension and access your deferred pension benefits.

Alternatively you can request a deferred benefit statement from UK Pensions Operations.

Between the date you left and the date your pension is actually paid, your deferred pension will be reviewed annually and increased if appropriate. This increase will normally be in line with changes in the rate of price inflation as measured by the Retail Prices Index (RPI).

This section only applies to those leaving the Scheme on or after 1 April 2000.

If you left prior to this date please contact UK Pensions Operations to obtain details of the benefits payable.

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Notes for Leavers