Your pension - dates and options

Your deferred pension is calculated using a formula which takes account of your pensionable service and pensionable salary on the date you leave the Scheme. 

Your pension is normally paid from age 60 depending on the grounds on which you left.

If you have worked for 10 years and your pensionable salary was £20,000 when you left, your deferred pension at leaving would be calculated as:

1/60 x 10 years x £20,000 = £3,333 per year

Deferred pensions are usually reviewed annually in April and increased in line with the Retail Price Index for the previous September.

You can now view details of your deferred pension online, including the current value of your deferred pension, the current value of your dependant's pension, and the earliest date your pension is payable from. 

Deferred pensions are currently increased annually in April each year.

Please click here to register with My Online Pension and securely access your own personal information.

Alternatively you can request a deferred benefit statement from UK Pensions Operations.

Please bear in mind that the Scheme rules change from time to time, some changes are back-dated but others are not.  Generally your pension benefits will depend on the rules that applied at your date of leaving.