Booklets and leaflets

If you would like a copy of any of the following documents, please email or telephone 08457 585247.

  • Annual Report
  • Statement of Funding Principles
  • Statement of Investment Principles
  • Responsible Investment Policy

Scheme Privacy Notice:

Full details of the types of personal data the Trustees holds, how they use that information, and who they share it with, is set out in the Scheme Privacy Notice. The Privacy Notice sets out members’ rights in connection with the personal data held about them by the Trustees, and who to contact with any questions.

File Size Uploaded Link
NGUKPS - Privacy Statement 25-05-18 203.94KB 25th May 2018 Download
Bridge the Gap April 2018 267.19KB 5th September 2018 Download
Notes for Leavers - August 2018 76.13KB 5th September 2018 Download
SPA leaflet 19.79KB 5th September 2018 Download