Targeting fraud

The Trustees have a duty to protect the Fund. To this end, from time to time they may share the Information held by the Scheme with other bodies (for example those administering public funds) solely for the prevention and detection of fraud.

Targeting fraud

On behalf of the Trustees, UK Pensions Operations has appointed Target Professional Services to provide mortality screening and address tracing services to help trace missing Scheme members. The services Target provide identify deceased members in cases where death has not been advised, and are useful in tracing members (including EPB-only members) for whom we hold no contact details on record. Target also help the Pensions team arrange prompt settlement of death benefits, reduce cases of overpaid pension where the member has died and the Scheme has not been notified, and in some cases prevent identity fraud.

Pensioners aged over 100 or living overseas

Just to make you aware in case you are contacted by them, Target Professional Services has recently conducted an email and postal send out on behalf of National Grid UK Pensions Operations to help the Scheme validate the data held on its records with the aim of reducing identity fraud.

This is a regular, annual project conducted by National Grid UK Pensions Operations on behalf of the Trustees. If you have any queries or wish to discuss the work Target undertake, please contact the administration team on 08457 7585247 or at