Returned post policy

In order to ensure Scheme benefits are paid correctly and on time, the Trustees have a duty to maintain the integrity of the Scheme’s data. One aspect of this is ensuring that the payment of benefits cease promptly when a member passes away. Overpaid pension payments can arise when UK Pensions Operations (UKPO) have not been notified of the death of a pensioner. It can be very difficult to recoup the money paid out and any accumulation of overpayment in this way, over time, can prove costly to the Scheme. As such, the Trustees take protective measures to minimise pensions being overpaid.

To this end, the Trustees have set in place the ‘returned post’ policy. If two consecutive pieces of post are returned as ‘undelivered’ to UKPO following mail out, then it is our policy to automatically suspend the members’ monthly pension payment as a precaution against fraud or overpayment. This includes a letter sent by UKPO by special delivery to confirm your address details are still correct.

While this is one way the Scheme can prevent overpayments to deceased members, it isn’t infallible and there may well be other reasons as to why post is returned undelivered to us, such as a member moving house without providing UKPO with a forwarding address.

When post is returned to us, we aren’t always aware of the reason why and so the policy to suspend payment is applied whenever two consecutive items of post are returned. To avoid late payment of your benefits, or the unnecessary suspension of your monthly Scheme pension, please make sure you keep UKPO up to date with you current address, telephone number plus your mobile phone number and email address if appropriate.

If you have any queries regarding this policy or have received such chaser letter, please contact UKPO via email at or by telephone on 0845 7585247 immediately to ensure your payment continues.